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George & Duke Foundation

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GDNES Annual Fund

Whether it’s having your friends over for a quick cuppa and a shake of a collection bucket or scaling a mountain and completing the challenge of a lifetime, there are lots of ways you can support GDNES Foundation and raise money to give someone education.

Recently, GDNES Foundation raised thousands of Naira to provide education scholarship for people living in the poorest parts of the State.

Capital and Endowment Giving

We’ve provided a few suggestions and lots of information for you below. For help with setting up an events page or your own event, more information on raising money for GDNES Foundation, or if you want us to mail you a fundraising pack, please get in touch with our events team at or call +234 8186187341

More About Us

GDNES Foundation is an international organisation that changes lives for the long term. We work across the state to eliminate illitracy and support people with financial limitations. We do what we do because a huge percentage of illetracy in the world is is due to lack of finance, and we think that’s astoundingly unfair. We do it because poor children deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.