George and Duke

Private Nursery and Elementary School

Since 1995


Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The core academic curriculum of George & Duke Nursery/Elementary School is carefully aligned to state standards. Delivery of the curriculum is monitored to ensure the required content is delivered through best practices. Teachers work collegially to share and integrate instruction. For example, middle school students receive math enrichment from a teacher who works in tandem with the basic skills math teacher. While middle school students have separate literature and composition classes, their teachers plan units of study together. Middle school science, social studies and math teachers conscientiously implement strategies to strengthen reading and writing across the curriculum and utilize hands-on, projects-based learning as much as possible. Elementary school teachers share the planning of science and social studies units together and assist one another in the instruction and assessment of leveled reading groups. Elementary classrooms also make frequent use of learning centers. In such ways, the faculty of George & Duke Nursery/Elementary School strive to make learning an integrated, thematic experience.

George & Duke Nursery/Elementary School utilizes a balanced literacy approach. Reading and writing are modeled by the teacher, shared with supervisors, guided by the teacher and finally released from the teacher to the student as an independent activity. Through such careful scaffolding, students learn to read and write level by level. The writing process is given special emphasis and students are given many opportunities to practice. These approaches are sustained in all subject areas.

Additional strong curriculum support programs offer students many opportunities for learning and re-learning. In-house use of the self-paced, computer-adaptive testing series, EdPerformance, enables staff to diagnose particular student needs and identify student gains. Math and reading support teachers can then individualize instruction and reinforce classroom lessons in small-group settings. Other computer-based supports such as Accelerated Math, Reading Counts, CBT and study island are likewise individualized and aligned to state instruction and testing standards.

Mr. A. V. Oyewale
Head Master
Odo-Ona Elewe Campus