George and Duke

Private Nursery and Elementary School

Since 1995

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From the Proprietress' Desk

Our children, our heritage

Our children are the greatest asset and gift that we have from God. Therefore, we need to nurture them specially and give our best to them. Children are God's heritage. Raising them is one of the most important duties we are given by God. While performing this duty, proper upbringing of these children requires patience, and no amount of time or effort spent on them is ever too much.

Proper communication is essential. Be always ready to answer their questions. Take some time off your tight schedules to nurture their lives. Attend Open Day, PTA meetings and always be there for them. If we expect great result from these children, the quality of time devoted to them matters a lot. Let us work together to raise God fearing, dependable and excellent children.

A successful parent will be measured by how successful the child is. They are a test of our faith. God said this about Abraham in Gen 18 v19 that "For I know him, that he will command his chiildren and his household after him, they shall keep the way of the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him".

Can God say the same about you?

God Bless You!

Mrs. Ranti Olurin


Our Philosophy

George and Duke Nursery and Elementary School, where we look above and beyond. The key to our future has always beeen through our children. therefore, the key to a better future remains in the hands of our children; which is why it is imperatiive for us to provide them with the necessary tools needed in order to succeed in life (a quality education and experience).

Our History

George and Duke Nursery and Elementary School began as a dream based on the prophesy and promise of God. The dream was established on a prophesy that Dr. Niran and Mrs. Ranti Olurin should establish a school, which should be named after their children. we confidently placed our trust in God's word and established George and Duke Nursery and Elementary School on the 12th of September, 1994 with twenty-seven pupils and eight teachers in a two flat house in Felele. Over the years, George and Duke has grown and will continue to grow more. A very big thank you to All the parent that have, and continue to support us. It is our combined effort that has contributed to the success of our institution and we will continue to work hard to archieve greater results and meet greater expectations.