George and Duke

International College

Since 2000



This College got her name divinely chosen for the director, Dr. Niran Olurin using the names of his two sons - GEORGE and DUKE. The first School came into being some twenty-three (23) years ago established at Felele, Ibadan. The Second Sister School was birthed at Odo-ona Elewe, Ibadan on 13th September, 2010.


Basically, the School is out to cater for the moral upbringing of the students, prepare them to be good future leaders and making use of their hands and brain to achieve God's purpose for their lives. Staffing : The academic staff All our teachers are very articulate with very high qualifications - first class degree, many with second class upper division some with masters degree, all of them giving their best to the students, with the student taking great advantage of this unique package. Apart from the academic duties of the teachers and other staff, the students are cared for as foster children.


We strongly believe school environment populated with very good buildings are beautiful environments naturally enhance good learning. Our on-going projects are to add further beauty to the School terrain that will fascinate students and parent as first appearance speaks volume.


The School established a boarding-house that is home-away-from-home; very conducive environment with all necessary facilities put-in-place.


In the area of academics, our students have always performed beautifully in external examinations. WAEC, NECO etc easily making them gain admission into Higher Institutions within and outside Nigeria. Indeed, they always leave us with nostalgia. Their academic excellence is so impacting that in recent times among "gaint" Schools in Ibadan, One of them came top in a serious academic competition, winning a scholarship to study in a private University here in Ibadan.


Our students are children who demonstrate high-level of morality and sense of responsibility. Their good home background actually leads credence to this kind of responsibility and sense of morality which can make hope for good-tomorrow-leaders. The School is also proud of these children; for whenever they went to represent us, they brought back laurels and various awards.


We are seriously science-biased, though not to the detriment of liberal arts. In fact, the students are very comfortable with the sciences and computer, a challenge to their contemporaries in other schools.


The school management believes in the students going into practical Agriculture, hence their practice in Agronomy (crop production), animal husbandry, food processing e.t.c. This is out to achieve food-production even at the school-level to alleviate food-shortage in Nigeria, contributing our little quota at that level.

Revered S.O.T. Okunsolawo


02 / Athletics

We have a strong sport team that compete year in year out. With Adequate sports facilities we actively participate in the various sports below.

  • BasketBall
  • Football
  • Badmington
  • Horse Riding
  • Relay Racing
  • Table Tennis
  • BasketBall
  • Football
  • Badmington
  • Relay Racing
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Polo
Sports Programme
  • Inter-House Sports
    Wednesday, 28th March
  • Horse Riding
    @ Ibadan Polo Club.

03 / Art/Music

Performing Arts/Drama

Welcome to George & Duke International College Music and Dance Club, We are an International Music School offering Music lessons, dance lessons as well as Drama lessons. The Drama club has highly interesting performers and bring their wealth of experience to bear in the delivery of all our Plays. All meetings are hands-on, comprising of both practical and theoretical studies. The Drama Club is a term round Performing session open 13 weeks of the Term. Students are welcome to enrol at the beginning of the Term.

Visual Arts

The program is a carefully planned arts curriculum that promotes intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth. Discipline is emphasized as an essential component of a strong personal work ethic. Students take studio classes in drawing, design and sculpture, as well as AP Art History.

Students take studio classes in drawing, design and sculpture, as well as AP Art History. The high school academic program is highly valued as an integral component in the education of our students. Studio assignments are designed to introduce students to a variety of media and the nature of the creative process. Research, design, fabrication, exhibition, analysis and critique of student works are all essential components of the curriculum.

Music Program

Music Club's music curriculum emphasizes the development of the student as a musician for the 21st century, updating the traditional model of classical music education in order to prepare students for the multifaceted and diverse opportunities available to today’s musicians. In addition to helping students build extremely strong core skills as music makers, George and Duke Music Club prepares them to improvise and compose as well as perform, understand music technology and collaborate with other musicians both in small and large groups while providing meaningful experience working with living composers.