George and Duke

International College

Since 2000

From the Proprietor's Desk

Chairman's Speech

"Believe in the Lord your God so shall ye be established, believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper" (2 Chronicles 20:20). This has been our position at George and Duke Institutions. What the Lord has put in our hands. Praise the Lord. George and Duke Family continues to celebrate God's faithfulness.

Many wonderful people have been involved in this noble and divine job given to us by the Almighty at George and Duke Institutions. They have contributed immensely to the success we are exhibiting today. Our teachers are great professionals, the administrative staff have been very wonderful, our hygiene technicians, very pleasant, and the parents highly cooperative. We thank you all. May the blessing of the Lord and his peace (which is beyond human understanding) continue to be yours in Jesus name, Amen. To Our spirituals, may His grace and the oil of anointing over you be ever fresh in Jesus name, Amen.

Dr. Niran Olurin

Our Philosophy

Education (as the saying goes) is the most profound legacy we can bestow to our children, who are the future generation. Education has been proven to be a working-perfect way to shape the mind. It is a social-process to build a total human being. A "being" without the right or proper education is best imagined. Education is life, illiteracy is the opposite. Our (everyday) joy at George and Duke is predicated on the fact that we are happily shaping the minds of our future generations.

Our History

A journey of twenty years starts with a step. Divinely and in faith, George and Duke Institutions took this prophetic step over twenty years ago. A prophetic message from a strange man o God was all it took to take this step. The joy of today is a testimony to God's faithfulness. "To God be the glory, great things ha hath done..." The Lord has been good to us. George and Duke Nursery and Elementary School (GNES) was the first fruit. It was started in the year 1995. George and Duke International College (GDIC) Felele came to life in the year 2000 A.D. GDNES Odo-Ona Elewe and George and Duke College Odo-Ona Elewe sprang to life in the year 2005. Darlene and Debra Elementary/Nursery School and College are work-in-progress. Our God is good. To Him alone we give all glory in Jesus Name, Amen.