George and Duke

International College

Since 2000



I remembered when George and Duke Started, we had just a handful of students. Over the years, George and Duke has grown and by His grace will continue to grow more. Our goal is to provide an affordable first class education while maintaining societal standard. Here at George and Duke, we are not just an educational institution but a family of students, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as our parents. The key to our future has always been through our children; which is why it is imperative for us to provide them with the necessary tools needed in order to succeed in life (a quality education and experience).

As a family, we will continue to work in unity and always strive for the best no matter what. Our facilities are constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of our students. we have a wide range of facilities ranging from computer labs to boarding houses, libraries, science labs, along with many resources to help our students with their education.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, i pray that God's faithfulness will continue to nurture our schools while maintaining high societal and moral values. George and Duke will be a household name. A very big thank you to ALL the parents that have, and continue to support us. it is our combined effort that has contributed to the success of our institutions and we will continue to work hard to achieve greater results and meet greater expectations.

Mr. George Olurin

Managing Director,
George and Duke Institutions.